Start Your Journey

Whether you are a veteran or a guitar enthusiast looking to help others learn the craft, you are welcome to join our team and begin your journey with us. We offer programs for both veterans and qualified guitar teachers who are willing to help each other spread the joy of music and join a warm and welcoming space for practicing their craft.

For Veterans

We offer a free structured program of formal guitar lessons together an acoustic guitar to help veterans experience the joy and the therapeutic power of music. Our veterans have found the sessions a peaceful place where they can talk and play music with like-minded individuals, who have similar experiences and emotions. So far over 400 veterans have been supported across Australia. That’s 400 Guitars and 4000 lessons in the hands of our country's finest who have served our country. If you are a veteran and want to begin your journey with us, you are welcome to sign up by following the link below.

For Guitar Instructors

For every veteran we assist at Guitars 4 Veterans, it requires the great spirit and professionalism of our talented guitar teachers. As G4VA is moving forward, we have always appreciated the generous efforts and hard work our guitar teachers bring to the team, while ensuring we continue to place guitars and lessons onto the hands of our respected veterans. If you are interested to support our mission by stepping our veterans through the joy of guitar and music, please contact us anytime.

Know Your Teachers

We have some wonderful people volunteering as guitar instructors for Guitars 4 Veterans. They are qualified guitar instructors who wish to spread the joy of music to as many veterans as possible. Feel free to look through the profiles of some of our notable teachers who may end up being your teacher in the future.

Our Teachers

G4VA has a range of experienced teachers available for different states. We also have a formal team-based zoom class facility that brings together veterans from all over Australia into a small class. We will discuss these options after your application process.