What is Rhythm Art?

Rhythm Art involves repurposing unplayable guitars into unique art pieces. Artists are given a space to showcase their talents by designing a guitar. The purpose of the Rhythm Art project is to give unplayable guitars a second life as an art piece to raise funds for G4VA.

The funds go towards helping veterans and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members with mental health conditions like PTSD. G4VA provides a free guitar and 10 free guitar lessons as a form of music therapy. To learn more about PTSD and Music Therapy, click here.

The tone for the art is optimistic, peaceful, and promotes feelings of happiness. The theme for all the guitar art pieces is Australia and the artists are free to decide how to incorporate this theme through their perspective and style.

  • by Craig Mackie

    A gorgeous piece, featuring the Australian blue sky with a hint of auburn, powerlines, and birds sat upon those powerlines. The shadows cast bring out a brilliant contrast in the piece.

  • by Thakur Akhilesh Singh

    This beautiful piece contains the blue Australian sky, with a gorgeous Australian beach location. The yellow-orange sand and the brilliant blues really bring out this piece.

  • by Kimberley Cardow

    This wonderful piece was donated to us by the Australian artist Kimberly Cardow. The gorgeous blue sky, featuring a number of Australian budgies on a tree, with some of the budgies in mid-flight.

  • By Art and Soul team

    Animals of service

    Guitar Art tribute to the animals who served our country supporting and protecting our forces.

  • By Art and Soul team


    Guitar Art tribute to the pursuit of peace and peacekeeping.

Are You an Artist?

Turning these guitars into art is where you come in. We need your valuable skills to paint, mosaic and/or craft these guitars into something wonderful. Next, we will share your work with others by selling them through this website. If this sounds like something you or someone you know may be interested in, please contact us.

Like what you see?

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